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Coming soon. Advanced acting classes, music theatre workshops, audition workshops, and
private vocal coaching by....
Rhonda Carlson:  rhonda.carlson28@yahoo.com
Selecting and presenting the right material to
land the role!
Rhonda Carlson
Rhonda Carlson is a wonder! She is a theater artist who understands
completely the function of music in drama and is an educator
with a charismatic flair for inspiring the best in her students..
Neil Donahoe, Dept.Chair, Music Theatre Program
The Boston Conservatory
Saturday, October 15 & 22 9:00am-12pm
Cost for performers: $60 (for both sessions) Auditors: $10 per session
Bring 2 songs and/or 2 monologues
Accompanist provided
River's Edge Theater (In the Kansas City River Market)
122 W. 5th Street – KC, MO 64105
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What Rhonda's students are saying about her....................
“Rhonda's the type of teacher you carry with you the rest of your life. Her approach to
teaching leaves you thinking about the lesson long after class, and her insight and gentle,
but relentless, persistence produces more breakthrough performances than any teacher I
    Benjamin S. Row, Actor and Irene Ryan nominee

“Rhonda teaches the whole performer, creating an environment that inspires as well as
    Ottavio Gesmundo, Cast of Saturday Night Fever, Broadway

“While in Las Vegas, Rhonda had a waiting list a mile long due to her effective teaching
skills. In particular, students flocked to her studio to improve their audition experience. Her
ability to get to the heart of an issue made her a favorite in the performance community.”
    Kevan Patriquin, Cast of Phantom of the Opera, The Venetian, Las Vegas

Through humor and love, Rhonda guided me to be the best I could be, teaching me to accept
my challenges while pushing my boundaries. As a pop artist, she taught me to tell a story and
not just sing, giving me something that sets me apart from my peers. She was the reason I was
accepted into six of my eight college choices, and I ultimately graduated from the prestigious
music theatre program at UCLA.'
    Court Alexander, Former lead singer of The Library and recording artist

“Rhonda opened me up to a world of capabilities I didn't know I had. Every time I came to
her with my college audition monologues, she helped me see the material in a fresh way,
and through her instruction I felt ready to pursue my singing and acting career in New
    Rachael Duddy, a student at The TISCH School of the Arts at NYU
Rhonda Carlson is simply the greatest teacher I've ever had. She was the first teacher to
clearly articulate the concept of acting and singing for me. She was also excellent at finding
material to suit my needs as an auditioning actor and singer. While teaching me to be
versatile, she pushed my boundaries and prepared me for the real world of theatre. All of
this was done with a radiant smile and an uplifting attitude. Through her teaching, I
learned that failures are to be embraced and that obstacles are fuel for the fire every actor
needs to succeed.
    Ned Donovan, Music Theatre major, Ithaca College

Rhonda's classes were the bright spot of my college career. She didn't make theatre seem like
the exclusive property of an elite pool of people, but rather, the inheritance and right of every
human. Her respect for the dignity of each student helped me push past my insecurities and
allowed me to show a bit of my soul to strangers. I was working in a safe place where I could
live up to challenges without being shamed. I was excited to go to class and left feeling
changed every time. Rhonda never made teaching a series of technical tips, but, instead,
connected theatre to life.
    Natalie Beaulieu, Actor, Singer, Grad student, University of Toronto

From vocal work to movement, each class with Rhonda was beneficial. Her exploration of
character helped me deliver strong performances. Without her incredible teaching and
audition preparation, I would not have been one of twelve performers accepted out of
several hundred at Emerson.
    Molly Pietroski Theatre Major Emerson College, Boston

I know that I was the second student of Rhonda's in two years to achieve early acceptance at NYU
TISCH. When I auditioned, I had been a student of hers since I was 11, and she continued to challenge me
as I grew as a performer., Rhonda taught me how to be vocally versatile, believable theatrically, and she
connected all of the elements of music theatre performance together in our lessons. Her career and audition
guidance was incredibly valuable as well.. More than that, I learned how to phsychologically survive this
business. I knew why I was doing what I was doing, and that has made all the difference as I continue
developing as a performer.
    Chrissy Albanese, Students NYU-TISCH

Rhonda took me from an introverted singer to a confident artist. It wasn't just her excellent
instruction, but it was her inspired style that gave me the ability to look beyond my
limitations...to embrace them and rise above them. It really paid off when it came to college
    Lydia Clement.....Vocal Performance major.Berkeley School of Music