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Callback Material

Below you will find callback music for August 30th callbacks.  When it gets closer to the 30th we will also post a callback list of individuals and the role they are called back for. To conserve on time you will find we will be casting many of the roles from other callback material. Any questions please email Tiffany at sheandherproductions@gmail.com
Baker/Mysterious Man/Cinderella's Father- m. 79- end

Baker's Wife- m. 27-44

Witch- m. 29-50

Jack- m.6-36

Cinderella/ Florinda/ Lucinda- m. 77-108 

Jack's Mom, Stepmother, Cinderella's Mother, Granny- m. 11-29

Rapunzel- m.12-15

Cinderella's Prince/ Rapunel's Prince/ Wolf/ Steward- m.17-49

Little Red/ Snow White/ Sleeping Beauty- m. 1-18