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She&Her Productions Program 2012-2013
Performing Arts Season

She&Her Productions want to provide Kansas City area businesses and organizations an opportunity to expand their advertising budget with She&Her season program and website August 2012- May 2013 season.  Your business or  organization can increase your advertising budget by investing a modest amount of cash and trade for She&Her productions and events.

Advertiser Receives:
Full page ad also receives she&her website listing.  Listing includes name, phone # and Website.

Per Show:         Full Season (4 shows)
$50 for 1/4 page ad $100 for ¼ page ad
$75 for 1/2 page ad $300 for ½ page ad
$125 for full page ad $500 for full page ad

Advertiser Investment:
 She&Her Productions is a young theater company located in Kansas City. We have recently finished our second season with amazing success. We have gotten rave reviews and have positive publicity popping up around KC. Other businesses have reaped the rewards of advertising with us. First, your info/cards/flyers whatever you would like would be displayed at the production. In addition, you would receive an ad in our program for all of our upcoming shows for our next season. We have four shows coming up, normally 5-8 performances per show, we seat 80 for each of our shows, which brings your exposure to possibly over 2500 new people knowing about your business and shopping there. Please check out our website www.sheandherproductions.com for further questions or do not hesitate to call 816 405 9200. Thank you so much for your time and we hope we can do business with you for this season and in the future!!

contact sheandherproductions@gmail.com